Semantic Interoperability


IERC AC4 Semantic Interoperability Workshop – Introduction - Slides
(Scope, Objectives, Reports, Deliverables)
Speaker: Martin Serrano / Philippe Cousin

  • Task objectives
  • Contributions Received for 2012 IERC AC4 Manifesto / White Paper
  • IoT Best practices for Semantic Interoperability

(IERC AC4 Manifesto, White Paper, Book, Recommendations, Standards)


Plenary Talk 1 “ETSI M2M and the needs for semantics”  - Slides
Speaker: Joerg Swetina, NEC Laboratories Europe, Heidelberg, Germany.


Plenary Talk 2 “W3C Semantic Sensor Networks: Ontologies, Applications, and Future Directions” - Slides
Speaker: Cory A. Henson, Wright State University, Ohio State U.S.A.


Semantic Interoperability I, Activities from the flag EU IoT projects – Part I
Speaker: Martin Serrano + All participants (10’ per contributor project)

iCORE, Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Ecosystems, Abdur Rahim - Slides

IoT@Work, Internet of Things at Work, Domenico Rotondi - Slides

IoT.est, Internet of Things Environment for Service Creation and Testing, Payam Barnaghi - Slides

GAMBAS, Generic Adaptive Middleware for Behavior-driven Autonomous Services, Josiane Parreira - Slides

EBBITS, Enabling the Business-Based Internet of Things and Services, Peter Rosengren- Slides


Semantic Interoperability II, Activities from the flag EU IoT projects  – Part II
Speaker: Martin Serrano + All participants (10’ per contributor project)

COIN, Enterprise COllaboration and Interoperability, Sergio Gusmeroli- Slides

OpenIoT, Open source blueprint for large scale self-organizing cloud environments for IoT applications, Martin Serrano- Slides

IoT6 Universal Integration of the Internet of Things through an IPV6-based Service Oriented Architecture enabling heterogeneous components interoperability, Antonio Skarmeta- Slides

ISN, Interoperable Sensor Networks, Walter Colitti- Slides

Smart Agrifood, Smart Food and Agribusiness, Christopher Brewster- Slides


Towards define best practices for semantic interoperability and Standardizations
Discussion on project commonalities and common research topics.
Speaker: Martin Serrano + All participants ; Moderator: Sergio Gusmeroli

Analysis about project common topics, e.g. ontology development methods, tools, languages; interoperability semantic information as linked open data; real time vs. business documents interoperability.


Reports Summary:Initial inputs for the IERC AC4 Manifesto / white paper
Wrap-Up Day Activities